Friday, November 1, 2013

Plus Size Model Jada Sezer

She is very hot and sexy. All the quality on a plus size model are present in her body and personality.
Quotes from Jada:

    *There is a huge public demand for cool, funky, fresh clothes that a bigger-sized woman can wear. People associate plus-sized in a negative way, as something that is frumpy, old, outdated. But I want to get people thinking outside the box and portray plus-sized women in a certain light.Plus-size is always seen in a negative light as standing for obesity and for people being unhappy. But millions of women are plus-size and feel comfortable.”

    *Ultimately I’d want to be on a catwalk with straight-size models rather than do something exclusive. Growing up, I never saw women like me. People clap for Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez being curvy women, but they’re size 8 to 10 (UK), and they have personal trainers. I’ve never seen good, cool, curvy women. Sometimes magazines throw in a plus-size model as a goodwill gesture, but they’re not taken seriously.

    *If I can just build confidence in one lady then that’s my job done. I don’t want to be a model. I want to be a role model.