Friday, May 30, 2014

Alex LaRosa Black Plus Size Model

Alex Larosa is a beautiful black plus size model. She is very hot curvy model. She is a student and live in Los Angeles. She is 5.7" height and 200 lbs. She is now contact with IPM Model Management.  contact her @


Elly Mayday Metally Strong and Beautiful Curvy Babe

Elly Mayday is a Canadian Plus sized model. She has ovarian cancer and she is fighting for it. But she is want to end her career.  So after her cancer she also worked with various model house and brands. In one word she is strikingly gorgeous and stunning. Her curve are very sexy. She is in plus size modeling more then 3 years. So everyone please pray for her.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Plus Size Model Marritt- Looking Hot and Sexy

Plus Size Model Marritt is 30 years old women. She lives in San Francisco, California, US. She is also well known as a Ford Model. Her height is 5' 9''. Her hair length is long and hair color is Blonde. She is looking hot for her attractive eye color. Because, her eye color is Green!!!


Plus Size Hot ModelBBW Velvet

Plus Size Hot Model bbw velvet lives in Paris, Île-de-France. Her nick name is Velvet D'Amour. She is now 46 years old. Her height is 5' 7'', hair length is long with beautiful Brown hair color, skin color is white and eye color is hazel. She is one of the beautiful Plus Size Model.  Recently she started her own magazine!!!


Plus Size Hot Model Sophia Be- Looking Hot

Plus Size Hot Model Sophia Be lives in Portland, Oregon, US. She is thirty four years old. Her height is 5' 7". Her hair size is medium with her beautiful red hair color. She is looking gorgeous for her wonderful skin color and eye color. Because her skin color is white and eye color is Brown! Contact her:

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Plus Size Hot Model Mockingbird Girl, Looking Hot

Plus Size Hot Model Mockingbird Girl lives in Brooklyn, New York, US. She is now forty five years old plus size model. Her height is 5' 6''. Her hair length is very long with wonderful black hair color. She is also gorgeous for her beautiful brown eyes and olive skin. She is always interested about photographer or artist. If you interested please contact her: